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Privéjet PH- DRK, grafische vormgeving


Het interieur en exterieur van een privéjet

A gem in the sky! De tweemotorige Cessna Citation Excel PH-DRK privéjet is door ons op een dusdanige manier onder handen genomen, dat gesproken kan worden van een volledige metamorfose.

All-In Living kreeg de opdracht af te rekenen met de oubollige, typisch Amerikaanse uitstraling van een privéjet met een standaardinterieur met notenhout en crème lederen stoelen. Bij het ontwerp kregen we echter te maken met de voor vliegtuigen uitdagende ruimtebeperkingen. Ook moesten we rekening houden met de specifieke luchtvaart (veiligheid)eisen wat betreft materialen, gewicht, toepasbaarheid en het gecertificeerd in- en uitbouwen van alle interieurdelen.

Ondanks deze beperkingen zijn we erin geslaagd om een compleet vernieuw(en)d en uniek design te realiseren, dat zowel in het in- als exterieur is terug te vinden. Daarbij zijn materialen toegepast die nooit eerder in een vliegtuig zijn gebruikt. In samenwerking met Rijnmond Air Services kon vervolgens worden bewezen dat kwalitatief hoogwaardige interieurombouw mogelijk is, zonder af te wijken van de strenge materiaaleisen in de luchtvaart.

Het toestel biedt passagiers nu een verwarmend gastvrij gevoel in een opmerkelijke omgeving van luxe en ruimte. De externe styling versterkt de ranke lijnen van deze privéjet.

Fotografie: Paul Kipping


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Edwin Sipkes

“All-In Living received the challenging task to redesign the aircraft interior and outfit it with a modern and bright new VIP cabin.”

Mid 2012 the new owner of a Ce560XL decided that the interior of his business jet really needed an upgrade since the luxurious business jet still had its original interior as it was delivered from the factory. You know, that classic brownish appearance for the carpets, bronze mirrors and wood veneer on the cabin refreshment centers, cabinets and side ledges like it was commonly used back in the 70’s. And so it happened that All-In Living received the challenging task to redesign the aircraft interior and outfit it with a modern and bright new VIP cabin. Although All-In Living has a tremendous amount of experience in the design and accomplishment of private and public sector spaces, a business jet interior was something completely new and different from anything that they had ever done before. Therefore All-In Living contacted Rijnmond Air Services (RAS), as an aircraft maintenance & management company to bring in the expertise on aviation regulations and requirements for this project. It was soon to be discovered that the aviation industry poses many other factors and limitations that are to be considered and to overcome when designing a new cabin interior. Many limitations and aviation certification requirements troubles an interior designer’s mind and pushes her to approach this project from a completely new perspective. It was also discovered that the small aircraft cabin requires the interior designer to pay special attention to detail. Travelling in such a confined space for hours will make any quest’s eyes wonder around and evaluate its surroundings so this is a significant factor to consider. Other very important factors are the weight of the materials used as well as the required certification for everything that is being worked on. This is probably one of the most important factors causing the extreme costs involved in aircraft interior upgrades. So All-In Living took it upon them to challenge these limitations and to create a new interior design that would meet the customers expectations but also to use the expertise and support from Rijnmond Air Services to get the job done for a much better financial budget than commonly known in the aviation industry. The basis for the new interior was to make use of modern colors and materials of which carbon fiber would be introduced for all the current outdated veneer. This challenge also took RAS back to school as this was a procedure not yet used for refurbishing of existing interiors. A breakthrough happened during a review meeting between All-In Living, and RAS when the idea was launched to use a self adhesive wrapping film instead. Although it had not yet been used on this scale before in the aviation industry and it would require extensive testing and certification, it appeared to be the perfect solution, especially since All-In Living wanted the carbon fiber finish in white color instead of the regular black finish to create the atmosphere in the cabin they had been looking for. Not only a perfect carbon fiber finish was accomplished but also the budgetary requirements had been greatly overcome offering the client a beautiful finish against costs unheard of in the aviation industry. The new cabin design consisted of unorthodox use of materials such as silver metallic ultra leathers, special seat leather stitching, application of brushed stainless steel detailing and plating of switches, latches, frames and so on. Also the cabin lighting was upgraded to a modern LED indirect lighting system and a custom hand tufted carpet was installed throughout the cabin. The bronze mirroring was replaced with special new chrome mirrors that were found in Japan and which could be shaped with the curving that was required for the vanity area without distortions of its imaging. Edwin Sipkes