All-In Living Office, Haarlem

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All-In Living Office, Haarlem

The All-In Living Office is a two-storey building where customers immediately feel more than welcome. On the ground floor, we’ve created an open space to show customers all the products they can incorporate in the interior of their choice. With our own ideas of what spaces should look like, we aim to inspire our clients. Take for instance our design kitchen; it is handcrafted and based on the idea of how a kitchen should function to suit day-to-day needs. So it’s really a one of a kind!

When you get to the first floor, you instantly feel the creative vibe coming your way. This space is open as well; the All-In Living design team likes to brainstorm and share their ideas as soon as it pops in their minds. All the employees work at their own desks, which hang from the ceiling! Large anchor chains hold the desks steady to withstand even the most explosive brainwave. There are also two separates rooms where you can retreat to and have private conversations with customers. The overall feeling of the office is that it is pleasant and creative. Everybody feels welcome!

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Please call us on +31 23 7600 650 or use the form below.

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