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Office Handel Amsterdam, Zuidas

Handel Amsterdam is an office building located at the Zuidas in Amsterdam, which looks like a luxury villa and houses several companies. All-In living was involved with this project well ahead of the building of this office-villa at the Zuidas Amsterdam. It all started with researching the needs in a business district like the Zuidas. The conclusion was that there was a lack of places where freelancers could go to have a good cup of coffee and work in comfortable surroundings. The research also showed that all the other offices at the Zuidas where cold and impersonal, so the design team wanted to create a workplace that feels like home. 

After the research phase, we took on the advising role for the interpretation of this office building. All-In Living strongly believes that flexible working is the future for the business market and since suitable office space wasn’t available for this type of worker, we came up with an integrated concept of an office for flex workers with a restaurant in the Aorta: a sizeable hall where you can work, meet and socialize. 

After completing our research and creating the concept, All-In living could start with designing the interior architecture, the graphic designs and the styling of all the public spaces. The design team loved getting the opportunity to design the interior as well as the graphic designs. This way, these two can be seamlessly combined. 

By using warm, robust and pleasant colours and materials, the interior turned out very comfortable and welcoming. Connecting to the concept we designed various workplaces so you can choose to sit and work in silence, but there’s also the option to meet other freelancers and maybe join forces. 

All-In Living developed the name Handel because we wanted this project to be Dutch in every way. Handel literally means Trade, and this name was chosen because several companies housed in the building all work in this business-area. All the graphic design is adjusted to the Dutch theme. All-In Living applied the maps of Amsterdam and texts about the commercial (trade) history of Amsterdam on the concrete walls of the hallway. The (giant) artworks are also part of the All-In Living design, made out of old Dutch paintings that are printed on acoustic material.  

The interior contains typical old Dutch tiles that show Dutch scenes from the past, combined with modern silver-coloured tiles. The colour pallet used for the interior contains orange details, the theme-colour of Holland. The overall feeling of the restaurant is warm, cosy and has a family-feel. The appearance of the ‘Aorta’ (the big hallway that is also used by freelancers) is more industrial, but still informal and comfortable. 

Architect: Monk Architect
Photography: Jacqueline Huber

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