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Businessjet PH- DRK, Amsterdam


We’ve transformed this twin-engined Cessna private jet in such a way that you can speak of a complete metamorphosis.

All-In Living was asked to turn the old, dusty, typical American interior of this business jet into a fresh, modern, new design. It used to have a typical business jet interior, with walnut and cream coloured leather chairs. The big challenge in this project was the lack of space in a small jet. But we also needed to take into account that there are very specific aviation safety requirements with regards to materials and weight.

Despite al these restrictions, we’ve managed to design a complete new and unique interior and exterior. Unique, because we’ve used materials that have never been used before in the aviation industry. We’ve proved that you can use high quality design without deviating from the strict demands on materials.

After our makeover, the jet provides its passengers a warm and welcoming feeling in a very spatial and luxurious environment. The exterior design strengthens the ‘fast’ look and feel of the Cessna, and with the typical blue colour, the jet can be recognised from afar.

Photographs: Paul Kipping.

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