Jellyfish art

It must be said that we do like these kind of abstract, colorful art. We’ve allready posted the food-art, where you saw a microscopic view of fibers. But this time we found a new artist; Aaron Ansarov, who is very into jellyfishes. He photographs them while...

YOY Peel Wall Light

This lamp, produced by YOY is hidden during the day. But then, by night, it seems like an entrance to a different world behind your wall. This small white object is invincible when you put it on a white wall, but when it’s dark and you light it, you get this...

Limited Edition Desktop Lamp

Don’t confuse it with a oversized bottle opener, or maybe even with a huge key. Because this funky shaped lamp is supposed to be used on your desktop  or table. The thickness of your table will determine how the lamp wil shine. When the surface is thick, the...

Jewelry for your camera

Japanese designer Jay Tsujimura has designed these pretty little jewelry items for your Leica camera. These camera’s allready are a stylish accessory for every photographer, but with these items on top you will be a real showstopper.


Getting sick and tired of painted walls? In desperate need of something else then wallpaper? We would like to introduce you to the leather wall tiles by Studioart. Made out of real cowhides and finished with water-soluble products, so cleaning is no prob! We can hear...

Liquid mirror paint

Een spiegel schilderen? Ja het kan, met dit bijzondere ontwerp van Paulo J. Futre. Nog geen 25 jaar oud, maar nu al grote ideeën. De verf kun je overal toepassen, maar zijn eigen voorkeur gaat uit naar een glazen plaat. Door een deel te voorzien van de verf, behoudt...
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